Serving Kentuckiana for Over 60 Years

Auxier Gas Service was established in 1955 and is a 4th generation business. We pride our self on the fact that we keep the highest standards in safety and customer service. We are small enough to provide that one on one interaction that everyone loves but have the skills and knowledge to handle all your propane needs!

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Farmers, like other business owners, are always looking for a more efficient and economical way to run their business.  Propane gives them the opportunity to do just that and paired with our unmatched service here at Auxier Gas Service they’re able to optimize their needs.

Propane has many uses residentially, from heating your home in the winter months with a propane furnace to protecting you from power outages with a propane generator. At Auxier Gas Service, we strive to make optimizing your home with propane as safe and easy as possible with our Delivery Service paired with our guaranteed Budget Billing Service.

Propane gas is a clean-burning, high-energy alternative fuel that is low cost and has been used for decades to power commercial appliances and amenities. Auxier Gas Service is trusted by many small and large businesses to supply the propane that helps keep their establishments running strong.

We offer refill services for portable propane cylinders, at our office locationin Hanover, Indiana. Our friendly staff is always available and trained to safely dispense propane for our customers. We also have new cylinders available for sale in several sizes.

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    Auxier Gas Service, Inc.
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