Industrial Uses

Propane gas is a clean-burning, high-energy alternative fuel that is low cost and has been used for decades to power commercial appliances and amenities. Auxier Gas delivers propane and refills tanks for various commercial needs:

  • Propane for forklifts
  • Cylinder purchases
  • Cylinder refills
  • Bulk storage
  • Temporary indoor/outdoor heating needs
  • Fleet vehicles
  • Appliances in the building
  • Lawn mower fuel

Convenience and Flexability

We offer all of our customers the convenience and flexibility to pay your bills online. You can also sign-up for our Guaranteed Budget Payment program, where we estimate your annual use, develop a payment plan that meets your needs, and guarantee your rate. This plan includes at no extra cost our Keep Full Delivery service where we monitor your propane use and deliver your propane on a monthly basis during the heating season.
Please contact us or call (800) 288-7265 or in Hanover/Madison area (812) 866-2126 to learn more about our services.

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