Budget Billing

Equal Monthly Payments

Traditionally, most people pay for their propane gas as it’s delivered. We understand that this can sometimes be a hassle. It’s kind of like getting that bill for six months of car insurance. Have you ever wondered why you couldn’t pay that bill monthly? Wouldn’t it make planning a little easier?

Our Guaranteed Budget Payment program is designed to do just that. Not only do we estimate your annual use and develop a payment plan that meets your needs, we also guarantee your rate. Our program begins in May and is calculated on 12 months. Payments can be started in June as well and calculated on 11 months.

Each month, you’ll make the same payment with the benefit of free financing for this service when payments are made as scheduled.

The Guaranteed Budget Payment program guarantees your price never exceeds a certain level, regardless of what the energy markets do.

Keep Full Delivery Service is also included in the Guaranteed Budget Payment program, so you can forget about checking your tank gauge and calling for a delivery.

For more information about the Guaranteed Budget Payment program and how to easily sign up, please call our office at (800)288-7265 or in the Hanover/Madison area call (812)866-2126.