Portable Cylinder Refill

Auxier Gas offers refill services for all types of portable propane cylinders at our main office location in Hanover, Indiana. Our friendly staff is trained to safely dispense propane for our customers. We use a quality refill station and equipment which are inspected on a regular basis. We also sell new empty cylinders at this retail location.

Refill and Save

Did you know that refilling your own propane cylinder is less expensive than exchanging it?

  • 1. When you exchange the cylinder you’re using, you don’t get credit for any gas you had left. You’re actually giving it away.
  • 2. After exchanging your cylinder, the new one you receive will only have 15 pounds of gas in it even though your tank holds 20 pounds. When you refill your own cylinder, the tank is filled to 20 pounds.
  • 3. If you purchased a new cylinder, when you exchange it for a newly filled one, you don’t know how old it is and what type of condition it’s in.

NOTE: We will not refill 100 pound cylinders due to safety reasons.


    To have a cylinder tank refilled just come to our location during regular business hours. For more information, please call us at (800) 288-7265 or in the Hanover/Madison area (812) 866-2126.